Reference Letter

Dear School Administrators,

I have known Mr. Whyte for ten years or more and have worked with him in a variety of situations. Our first contact was while he was getting his Masters of Fine Arts degree at Penn State University. I was one of his teachers and for three years had the great pleasure of facilitating the growth and development of his prodigious talent. Like many of my colleagues, I recognized almost immediately that Bradley had a unique set of traits and skills that would not only serve him well as an actor but would expand to include music composition, writing, directing, and arts advocacy.

In addition to his work in-studio classes and in productions, Bradley also enjoyed great popularity among professionals who cast him in professional productions. He and I shared the stage in a rousing summer stock production of the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. He played the role of the Dentist and I was deep inside a man-eating puppet plant. Performance after performance I listened to the delighted giggles and solid roars of laughter in response to his work. He captured the satirical comic style perfectly and was always the consummate professional.

He and I also teamed up one summer to teach together. We both taught at a youth summer theatre camp at the Penn State Campus where we worked daily with young students ranging in ages from seven to sixteen. We not only taught acting, voice, movement, and theatre crafts, but we each directed a play that was presented at the end of the camp. I will always remember his play which was based on the “Pandora’s Box” myth. Even with very young kids playing the roles, it was moving, deeply satisfying, and very well directed.

In every instance, that summer, Bradley’s energy, commitment, creative spirit, easy charm, and compassionate spirit served to bring out the best in the young ones. He handled the daily ups and downs with humor, met the challenges with care and ease, and in the end allowed the students to have an experience of great and memorable joy. Following work at various regional theatres, he went on to live and work in New York where, among other things, he carved out a career teaching music to young ones of all ages. He has a gift for communication on all levels but especially with youngsters and they all respond by learning and experiencing at a very favorable rate.

I have remained in contact with Bradley through the years not only because we managed to navigate past the initial professor/student relationship and into a friendship, but also because I consider him to be a person of great value. His priorities are in the right place and he seeks healthy and creative approaches to life and its challenges.

I think he is a terrific role model, a trustworthy and highly skilled teacher, a resourceful creative force, and the kind of person who will adapt to his environment with positive intentions and a sense of joy in collaboration.

Please give Bradley your utmost consideration. I assure you that his education and artistry will harmonize with whatever tasks are set forth and you will see the benefit of his contribution almost immediately.


Mark Olsen, Professor

The Juilliard School


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