The Music of They Might Be Giants Concert – Fall 2010, Chiang Mai International School

*Shortly after our concert, once the videos were posted to YouTube, the children had managed to capture the attention of Danny Weinkauf — bass player and fellow songwriter with They Might Be Giants— who said, “WOW!!!…those kids are amazing!” He showed the Youtube videos to the rest of the band and I was invited to send them links that they posted on They Might Be Giants Facebook Page .

Pop Kids Project – Spring 2011, Chiang Mai International School

Elementary grades 2-6 from Chiang Mai International school perform hit songs from the past (The Beatles, Go Gos, Survivor, The Monkees, and Journey). 

“Eye of the Tiger”

“Put a Little Love in your Heart”

“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

“We Got the Beat”