Becca Ayers


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Becca Ayers is a Broadway performer and singer/songwriter.  We began writing music together shortly before I moved to Thailand in 2007.  Since then,  we have collaborated over the internet and in 2010 we produced her first solo record “Lovesick”.  I produced and arranged on 6 of the 8 songs on the disc and I also share writing credits with her for “Very Romantic”, “Lovesick” and “The Do Do Song”.

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“Becca Ayers, fresh from South Pacific and a tour of Miss Saigon and currently costarring in the new film Clear Blue Tuesday, has just released her first studio album, Lovesick. Produced by Bradley Dean Whyte, Ayers’ songs combine the simplicity of coffeehouse folk music with introspective pop to create a sound, even a genre, that’s distinctly her own. Free spirited and tuneful, Lovesick is an indie triumph. (Alchemy Pop Records)”

by David Hurst

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